Sneak Peak of Modern Warrior

Here is a sneak peak of a High end fashion editorial that i did for a Student’s graduate show. Excited to show you the full editorial soon!! Look out for this space!!


Photographer: Gong Piyathath | @gongtairpoop

Model: Holly Spencer | @itsholspencer

Stylist: Jenny Tran | @jenstyle101

Make-up Artist: Sasha Widmer | @sashawidmermakeup

Hair Stylist: Michael Michaels | @michaelshairday

Designer: Vanessa Portelli | @modellove


Human and Nature (Location)

From Studio shoot moving into location shoot, where i take Human to a deeper connection to nature. Nature is a support for us to be alive today. But we haven’t done enough to support the nature for the future. Us humans get so caught up with society that we forget what was here before us. This is where we need to make a connection back with the human nature.


Photographer: April Jarmcharoen | @ape.snaps

Model: Sarah Apieu | @__apieu

Stylist: Jenny Tran | @jenstyle101

Designer: Diana Nguyen | @di_coed_

Human and Nature (Studio)

The nature is a partial reflection of us, nature starts very small and then gradually grow to be it’s own personality. Which this reflects back to us human, where we start as a baby and gradually grow to be adults. In this studio editorial it was able making connection to the smaller nature’s in life and seeing a bigger picture which is using raw, thick yarns of natural materials where we feel the comfort and security we need to give each other, human and nature.

Photographer: Gong Piyathath | @gongtairpoop

Model: Chanel Amenta | @chanelbridget

Stylist: Jenny Tran | @jenstyle101

Designer: Diana Nguyen | @di_coed_