I graduate from Fashion styling this year whats next?

The day has finally come, where I have finish my course and it’s time for me to graduate. I don’t know whether to be excited or to be nervous as I am not continuing my studies. I have plans but i don’t know whether these plans will last and be where i vision myself to be. Although i am definitely excited for the new year to come and definitely want to still pursuit in the fashion styling industry. They say it’s not easy and that it’s cut throat industry. I know and I think i am ready to prepare myself for this as I want it so bad and that i love it so much that I just want ‘REAL LIFE’ experience. I’m travelling next year so I’m really looking forward to seeing what is out there for me to take upon and achieve.

Hopefully I’ll be good and update my blog to keep you posted in my whereabouts of after graduating in a course. Look out, it’s going to be interesting….


-Dream big and you’ll achieve big, Jen